World’s First 2 Star BAP Crayfish

The Big Prawn Company is proud to announce that our supplier, Deyan Aquatic Products & Food Co. Ltd. is the world’ first company to offer two-star BAP crayfish from the Global Aquaculture Alliance.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Deyan was able to earn this prestigious distinction when two of its processing plants and two of its farms attained BAP certification. When local travel restrictions were lifted and risks were assessed, audits were conducts with the facilities passing with 100% compliance as required.

Deyan is one of China’s leading crayfish producers and we have been sourcing from them for many years. In fact, Big Prawn have been supporting a number of crayfish improvement projects in China for the last five years and have recently worked with GAA on this initiative over the last two years.

In our assistance of GAA, we have accompanied them in China, carried out pre-assessments, and worked with our suppliers to support certification.

“We are delighted that our support has helped to achieve the first certified crayfish in China with two-star BAP, and we will continue to support further certification of crayfish in China”.

Will Rash, Managing Director

For more information about Deyan and BAP, please click here.



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