women in the fishing industry

Women in the Fishing Industry

For many years, the fishing industry has had the perception of being a male-dominated industry. However, females are integral to the fishing industry and community, and we’re always encouraging more to join the profession.

Women are involved with both artisanal and industrial processing, including equipment maintenance, training, and retail of fresh fish. In fact, 70% of people who earn money directly from aquaculture are women.

Although these women are core to our industry, they’re often not recognised for the incredible work they do. At Big Prawn, by supporting the sustainable farming of our products and ethical aquaculture practices, we also support better conditions for women involved in sustainable seafood production.

Responsible and sustainable fishing can lead to better conditions for women as it supports the stabilisation and the growth of fish stocks near the coast, therefore more accessible to the women who need.

The development of ethical practices and sustainable seafood in aquacultures has been integral for women’s improved recognition and financial freedom in many developing countries. In South East Asia, particularly in countries such as Cambodia and Thailand, the number of female fishers and boat owners is constantly growing. These women are becoming decisive assets in rural communities, where previously, they wouldn’t be. In Vietnam, females in fisheries actually make up 80% of the workforce.

Although incredibly promising that more and more women are joining aquacultures and fisheries, there is still much more to be done in order to encourage equality and better lives from women in the industry.

40% of people who earn money directly from fishing and processing are women. We are incredibly grateful to the women who work in fisheries around the world, and always encourage more women to go against the current and get involved with the fishing industry. Together, we can reach our mission to bring sustainable seafood around the world, and caring for everyone involved in every step of the way.


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