Why We Choose Madagascan Tiger Prawns

The Big Prawn Company is dedicated to bringing the best sustainable seafood from around the world to the UK.

Why Madagascan Prawns?

Madagascan tiger prawns are considered to be one of the best warm water prawns on the planet. The warm tropical waters in the area ensure the finest firm texture with a sweet flavour. The island is considered a biodiversity hotspot. It is the fourth-largest island in the world with over 90% of its wildlife not being able to be found anywhere else on Earth. Within Madgascar, there are locally managed marine areas who make conscious efforts to boost the economy and raise incomes.

Where Does Big Prawn Get Their Madagascan Tiger Prawns From?

Our Madagascan Tiger Prawns are sourced from our supplier, Unima. Unima are an incredible and forward-thinking company that have stringent procedures for sustainability, environmental awareness, and social responsibility.

Unima has set precedents for responsible fishing in Madagascar, as a founding member of the Group of Shrimp Aquaculture and Fishery operators of Madagascar. Together with MSC, this group initiated a procedure of eco-certification for fisheries that is internationally recognised.

How Does Big Prawn Source Responsibly?

At Unima, the quality of the tiger prawns from Madagascar is carefully ensured with a low density stocking model. The farms are spread over 1600 hectares of Madagascar’s natural clay soil and produces over 5000 tonnes of prawns a year. Within this, there are more than eighteen parameters that are continuously monitored in the surrounding ecosystem.

For the best quality prawns, there is lots of care and focus taken concerning nutrition. Using their natural environment and strictly controlled nutrients from making and plant origin, the prawns maintain a healthy life. The tiger prawns are also grown at their own speed, resulting in an incredibly impressive size.

Our suppliers in Madagascar are also involved in many projects to protect their surroundings and ecosystems. More than 97% of original mangroves have been preserved, and Unima have even increased it by planting 650,000 mangrove seedlings. To ensure bio-security, Unima have close environmental monitoring of fauna, flora, and also water quality.

If you would like to learn more about how Unima help improve the lives of many, please click here.


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