What To Eat With Scallops

Scallops are beautifully delicate and sweet seafood. Their tender texture is simply irresistible, but what should you be eating with your scallops? They’re surprisingly versatile, so find inspiration in our easy guide below.

Add More Protein

Although scallops are the main focus of your meal, don’t be afraid to add some more protein to your plate. Prawns and scallops are a matched made in heaven with the intense flavours of prawns marrying perfectly with the light flavour of the scallop. If you fancy a ‘surf and turf’ style of dish, try our delicious bacon wrapped scallops. This recipes creates the taste sensation of sweet and salty with every bite.

bacon wrapped scallops

Light and Simple Carbs

Serving your scallops with Italian inspiration is perfect for pairings, whether you’re thinking pasta, risotto, or even orzo. These additions work best with creamy flavours as opposed to tomato-based sauces. If you fancy a bit of texture, sprinkle some breadcrumbs over your scallops for a light crunch. The main carb to avoid with scallops would be rice as the different textures don’t work well together. If you want a grain accompaniment, try couscous or quinoa – simply cook them using the same flavour profiles you’ve used with the scallops.

Vegetable Side Dishes

When it comes to choosing vegetables to go with scallops, there’s plenty of choice. For a great taste and look, pair your scallops with greens. You can keep these simple with a steam or sauté – our favourites include asparagus, green beans, spinach, or kale. For a taste of the sea, samphire is a classic pairing to scallops.

Time to Get Saucy

Don’t be afraid to mask the flavours of your delicate scallops with the sauce. There are so many options to create a delicious meal. You can go spicy, aromatic, or even fruity! Intense and spicy flavours are great for scallops to elevate their own taste. Alternatively, go super simple with lemon and butter.


scallops lemon and capers


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