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What to Drink with Prawns

Normally, if you’re going for a seafood dish, you’d be forgiven for reaching for the white wine and not thinking twice.

However, it’s time to mix it up and really think about what you’re drinking for the perfect pairing for prawns.

Barbecued prawns

For anything barbecued, the most important flavour to accentuate is the smokiness and beautiful charred taste. Your perfectly paired drink should be robust to stand against your meal. If you would like to opt for a white wine, choose a crisp chardonnay, preferably with oaky undertones. This will highlight the smokiness of the barbecue. Alternatively, if you want to try something slightly different, a rose could be a good option as a robust pairing.

Tempura and fried prawns

One of the bet starters and canapés at any party is the classic tempura style prawns. Crisp and hot coating revealing a deep and sweet prawn flesh underneath, it’s simply irresistible. Your drink needs the be able to cut through the deep-fried goodness! You could try a dry white wine that’ll cut through the richness, such as a young Riesling. However, for something slightly different, a pilsner is a great choice instead. This light coloured beer is a great crisp refreshment with a strong hop flavour that marries perfectly to your tempura prawns.

Tomato based prawns

If you think when it comes to wine and seafood that white is the only way to go, you’re wrong. When it does come to red wine and prawns, you do have to be careful to find a good pairing. Any tomato based dish, such as a prawn linguine with Mediterranean influences, will go well with a red wine. With your choice of red wine, choose a lighter option, such as a chianti. If you are choosing a red wine with your seafood, be sure to avoid any spicy food pairings as together they’ll make an odd and metallic taste.

Tell us your favourite beverage to pair with prawns in the comments below.

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