what to drink with lobster

What To Drink With Lobster

Lobster is often thought as a special treat, so you should give it the drink it deserves. Enjoy your lobster with the perfect tipple to ensure maximum flavour with every bite.

The Classic Lobster Combo

White wine is an obvious pairing for lobster! Chardonnay is one of the best white wines to choose with lobster. As chardonnay has citrus nuances and aromatic components, it can compliment the texture and creamy, buttery flavours of lobster. For a rich butter-based dish, choose Chardonnay for a symmetrical flavour profile. If you fancy a white wine that’s not chardonnay, choose wines with good acidity and a non-tannic structure. As lobster is delicate, choose a white wine that is fresh and light for the perfect drinks companion. The zesty flavours of a Sauvignon Blanc with notes of lemon and lime, or even the Riesling with tropical notes of melon and pineapple would work wonderfully.

Try Something Darker

Red wine isn’t often associated with lobster, however, if you choose the right one with unique character you won’t lose the rich and sweet flavour of the lobster. For red wine to pair with lobster, choose a softer, light-bodied red such as a Pinot Noir. You’ll want to find a wine with good acidity and try to find one with a lack of tannins. A Pinot Noir is often light in tannins with a fresh fruit flavour of berries or plums. Alternatively, a Sangrio Vese is a light coloured red wine with a high acid content that is perfect for pairing with lobster.

Stuck in the Middle

Want something a bit in the middle? Rosé is a great choice for lobster that’s salty or smokey. If you fancy putting the lobster on the grill in the warm weather, choose a fruity and sweet rosé.

Try Your Own Cocktails

Want to venture away from wine? Cocktails are a great choice. In order to bring out the beautiful flavours of lobster, choosing a cocktail with acid is a great idea. Any cocktails with tomato, lemon, or lime are simply perfectly. They’re cool and refreshing for a light taste to compliment the lobster. When you’re making cocktails, don’t forget to add herbs. Fresh herbs such as basil and mint add an earthy driver that pair perfectly with seafood. The classic mojito is the ultimate refresher drink for summer. The lime and mint combination of a mojito makes it the ideal beverage for rich lobster.

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