What to drink with crab

What to Drink with Crab

Finding the perfect match for a delicious crab dish can be tricky. Crab is renowned for being delicate with a dainty flavour that needs to be emphasised. Find inspiration in our best drinks to enjoy with crab to find a taste collaboration between dinner and beverage.

Dressed Crab

Dressed crab is a Cromer classic and can be found throughout the coasts of Norfolk. Dressed crab is pure and simple with the focus on the delicate meat. Your drink of choice needs to accentuate the succulent crab meat, therefore a Chablis would be a great idea.

Creamy crab

There are many recipes that create creamy crab dishes, from crab dips to a rich crab bisque. These dishes tend to use the stronger flavour of brown crab meat which is combined with the taste of rich and luxurious ingredients. Cut through the richness with a crisp chardonnay, which is full-bodied enough not to get lost in flavours.

Fried Crab

From deep –fried soft shell crab to crab cakes, there is something simply irresistible about the delicate flavour enveloped in deep fried goodness. However, you’ll need to find a drink that counteracts the oiliness. A Riesling is a wonderfully versatile white wine which complements most seafood. It will cut through the richness and cleanse your palate for any fried crab dish.

Red Wine

If you want to try something other than white wine, don’t be afraid of matching red wine with crab. A pinot noir is light and fruity therefore will balance the sweetness of crab without overwhelming it.


You don’t have to always choose wine when pairing dishes with drinks. Shake it up with a cocktail! Avoid dark cocktails when it comes to pairing with delicate crab meat. A Gin and Tonic is a great choice for a light, refreshing and citrus flavour that won’t be overbearing to the crab.

Soft Drinks

It’s not all about the alcoholic drinks. It has long been a tradition to serve fresh ginger tea in the far-east when eating crabs. Fresh ginger tea enhances the natural flavour of the crabs. This marriage works perfectly between the heat of the ginger with the sweetness of crabs.

In general, when choosing the perfect drink for your crab, focus on the acidity. Acidity in drinks will accentuate the natural freshness of crabs.

Now you’ve got the drinks sorted, all you need is a simple yet delicious recipe for crab


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