Seafood Champagne

What Seafood to Enjoy with Champagne

Champagne is the go to drink when it comes to celebrating an important occasion, having a luxurious meal, or simply wanting to treat yourself to something nice. Serving it alongside tasty seafood is a great idea, but which seafood should you use? We’ve made this list of our favourite Champagne and seafood pairings to help you with your gourmet dinners.


Oysters and Champagne are among the most iconic food and drink combinations worldwide. Usually served as a starter, the oysters are the ideal shellfish to complement a crisp glass of champagne. Why do you ask? It’s mostly because of salt. As Moet & Chandon cellarmaster Benoit Gouez stated, saltiness is the taste sensation missing from champagne’s flavour profile. The salty, see breeze taste of fresh, raw oysters perfectly counterbalances Champagne’s lack of saltiness, for a mouth-watering combination.


When you’re thinking about a luxurious meal, you can’t leave lobster out of the equation. The juicy, delicate flavour of the lobster meat enhances the Champagne without overpowering it, leaving you asking for more. It’s important to remember that Champagne has a delicate flavour itself, which can easily be ruined by very strong or spicy flavours. In other words, a cooked lobster and a fresh salad are much better suited to be paired to a glass of Champagne than a bowl of spicy deep fried lobster bites!


Scallops have that fresh, light, pure flavour that really makes Champagne shine. Try them seared and serve them with some crusty bread, or even wrapped in some salty bacon to counterbalance the delicious sparkling wine. Or you can try them in a tasty chowder, together with some prawns and clams, to make your Champagne experience even richer.


When it comes to prawns, it’s crucial you use the juiciest ones if you intend to serve them while drinking the king of sparkling wines. Jumbo king prawns, Argentinian red prawns and tiger prawns are the most suitable ones, and here you can have some real fun. Prawns tend to be the one of the most flexible shellfish, and can be cooked in many different ways. As long as you make sure you keep the chilli locked in your cupboard, you can make pretty much any prawn recipe you like and it will be a guaranteed success with your Champagne!

Now go enjoy a well deserved glass of Champagne and check out our Inspire section to find a delicious seafood recipe to go with it.


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