What Is Required to be MSC Certified

To become MSC Certified, there is an assessment programme for the MSC Fisheries Standard which is fully science-based. The MSC Fisheries Standard brings together 15 years of collaboration with scientists, the fishing industry, and conservation groups. This standard reflects the most up-to-date understanding of internationally accepted fishery science and best practice management.

How It Works

Fisheries that volunteer to be assessed to the MSC Fisheries Standard are evaluated against 28 performance indicators. These performance indicators are split into 3 key principles:

  • Sustainable fish stocks
  • Minimising environmental impacts
  • Effective management


In order to be certified, the fishery must score a minimum of 60 against all 28 performance indicators and an average of 80 across each of the 3 principles. The assessment is carried out by an accredited third-party certifier who employs a team of scientists to independently score the fishery.


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