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What Drinks to Pair with Barbecued Seafood

Grilling seafood on the barbecue is the perfect indication of warm summer evenings, as well as being an irresistible yet easy dinner option. But what’s the best tipple to be served next to your delicious charred seafood platter? Find out in our easy guide.

White Wine and Seafood 

White wine is a typical choice for both summer months and seafood, so its no surprise it features on the guide! If you’re barbecuing light fish, choose a wine with fresh acidity and lots of minerality. In fact, any fresh and light white wine will work with most grilled seafood. Look for citrus undertones to pair well with the seafood. If you’re barbecuing scallops or prawns, you can also pair a slightly richer-bodied white wine.

Red Wine and Seafood

Pairing barbecued seafood with red wine can be a little trickier with red wines. Typically, it can be very easy for red wines to over-dominate your palate. However, there are some great exceptions, so don’t fear if you’re not a white wine lover. If you’re serving salmon or any other richer fish, a pinot noir is a great choice as its soft and earthy. Alternatively, you can also try a red wine from the Sicilian region – they tend to have light, silky tannins and berry flavours that don’t overpower the seafood.

Beer and Seafood

Beer and barbecued seafood is a tasty partnership, and it’s the great opportunity to try some more delicate beers. As with any drink, the focus is to not trample over the light flavours of shellfish. A pilsner is a great dry choice that has a hint of bitterness that can balance the buttery flavours of seafood. You can also experiment with some sour beers. These sour beers are a bright and refreshing drink to balance the rich yet sweet seafood – just like a spritz of lemon!


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