The Surprising Health Benefits of Clams

Clams are a seafood delight. So delicious and juicy and surprisingly simple to cook. What might be even more surprising is that clams have some impressive health benefits.

Helps Prevent Anaemia

Clams are an incredibly easy way to get your daily dose of iron. In fact, clams have more iron than beef. Iron will help your blood cells take on more oxygen keeping you from feeling fatigued. As well as this, clams contain high levels of vitamin B12. This vitamin is crucial for the optimal functioning of organ systems and helps fight anaemia.

Lean and Full of Protein

Clams are one of the best lean protein choice – even better than fish and chicken. In fact, clams contain 20% more protein than chicken but with lass fat. What this means is that this shellfish will keep you even more healthy and nutritious than any other meats.

Keeps your joints moving

One of the biggest contributing factors in developing joint damage that may lead to rheumatoid arthritis is a lack of selenium. Selenium is an essential nutrient that fights oxidative stress.

Preventing Neurodegenerative Diseases

Diseases to the brain have been growing in the country over the last decades and have taken over hospitals. The B group of vitamins is known for their important role in keeping the central nervous system healthy. There have been many studies recently that have connected preventing Alzheimer’s Disease by eating seafood. Individuals with the highest levels of vitamin B12 are least likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Considering clams are one of the top natural sources of this essential nutrient, it’s a great idea to keep your brain healthy.

Boost your Immune System

Keeping your immune system working properly will obviously help your general health. In every 100g of clams, you’ll have half of the supply of the DV of protein. This helps keeps your immune system working properly. Clams are packed full of vitamin C which can help strengthen your immunity and prevent diseases. With 18% of your recommended daily intake, clams can be crucial to maintaining optimal health.

Try some of our tasty clams today to keep your plate delicious and your body healthy.


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