Tasty Seafood Salad Ideas for Summer

We may all love a tasty fish and chips at the pub or a creamy clam chowder at home, but let’s be honest, those are not the best seafood dishes to enjoy on a hot summer day. What should you eat then? Healthy, refreshing, delicious salads, that’s what! We got a few tasty ideas for you to try.


Prawns are great salad material, as they’re light, tasty, and have a delicate flavour that pairs really well with many different things. Tomatoes and avocado are two of the most iconic ingredients you’ll find in most prawn salads, but you can experiment as much as you like to find the perfect combination to suit your taste. The prawn salad we chose today spices things up using rocket instead of a milder green, and it’s topped by crunchy sliced peanuts that really gives the salad a unique flavour profile.


Mussels salads are somewhat less mainstream, but believe us, they’re just great. The meaty, full flavour of the delicious shellfish is a great addition to salads with a more earthy taste. Boil a few eggs, slice up some radish and cucumber, put everything on a refreshing bed of lettuce and voila, you got yourself the perfect supporting cast for a yummy mussel salad. Don’t forget a splash of lemon juice and some black pepper to really tie the dish together.


Salmon is definitely one of the most loved and most flexible ingredients out there. You can enjoy it raw or cooked and it lends itself to be used in many different recipes, from poke bowls to traybakes and everything in between. We love it grilled, together with a tasty salad of healthy quinoa, green beans, cherry tomatoes, lettuce leaves and a touch of lime. If you like stronger flavours, pepper is a great addition to salmon based dishes, as the spice really rounds up the delicate flavour of the fish. Not a quinoa fan? You can swap out the quinoa for any grain, or even throw some brown rice into the mix.


Octopus tastes great and has a firm texture that makes chewing a real pleasure. It’s great on the barbecue, with pasta, with potatoes, and obviously in refreshing salads. We recommend you try grilling it, then put it in a bowl with freshly sliced tomatoes, spicy rocket, and flavourful olives for a real explosion of taste that will leave everyone asking for more! 

These are only some examples of what you can do with some greens, grains and tasty seafood – there’s plenty of room for you to experiment and come up with deliciously healthy seafood salads.


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