borneo tiger prawns

Sustainable Bornean Tiger Prawns

The Big Prawn Company has recently collaborated with The Happy Prawn company on our new Bornean Black Tiger Prawns in support of the BOSF.

Big Prawn has been working closely with The Happy Prawn Company for many years and, together, have continually created delicious and sustainable products. Our latest product collaboration, in support of the orangutans in Borneo, maintains our shared values of caring for the prawn sustainability, prawn product, and also the local community.

These prawns have been carefully hand raised by Indonesian prawn farms using traditional and ethical farming methods that have been passed down through generations. The prawns are fed on an entirely naturally occurring diet , which ensures our prawns are utterly delicious as well as being filled with goodness.

The Sustainable Journey

Local fisherman catch wild, gravid broodstock at sea w, which are the mother tiger prawns carrying eggs. This broodstock is caught locally through small nets along the bay. They are then sent to a hatchery, which is owned by the prawn farming community, ready for the next stage.

At the hatchery, each broodstock spawns approximately 600,00 eggs. These eggs are nurtured in tanks until they are 12 days old and are consistently monitored for their health and wellbeing. A couple of days after spawning, the broodstock is returned to the sea unharmed.

The post larvae are then cared for by the IPUKAN farmers for a further 10-15 days in small ponds. These ponds are called IPUKAN, hence the name of the farmers! These young prawns are acclimatised to the specific farm environment on their next journey on the ethical and sustainable farming journey. When the post larvae are 25 days old, they’re ready for transportation to the prawn farms.

The IPUKAN ponds are 100% soil based and around 1metre deep, therefore, allows for naturally occurring food for the prawns to grow. A culture of seaweed grows on the surface which is taken out and dried with mangrove leaves to decompose naturally in the sun. As it dries, the heap breaks down to create a powder like mixture in the pond which is ideal for plankton and food to grow which ensure 100% natural feed for our prawns.

At the prawn farms, the spacious ponds are lined with natural mangroves. We ensure low stocking density of just 1-2 post larvae per 1m2. The young prawns have plenty of room to live and grow for 110 days in a stress free and peaceful environment. To ensure that the prawns are completely happy in their environments, there are no antibiotics, chemicals, or artificial feed that forms any part of our prawn farming process. Using the ponds natural biomass and mangroves balances the eco-system and allows the prawns to become bigger, stronger, and tastier.

After almost 4 months in the pond, the prawns are then sent for processing within the local prawn farming community, ensuring everyone receives fair reward for their hard work, time, and patience. The processing is kept to an extremely high standard for food safety and hygiene with the production process being monitored and record for the best possible quality.

These special prawns will be available for 1 week in Morrisons, nationwide, on the 10th December. Get involved with our Big & Happy Prawns here.


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