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Sponsors of Young Seafood Chef of the Year

The Young Seafood Chef of the Year is an amazing competition organised by Seafish for full-time and college-based apprentice chefs. Following our involvement last year, Big Prawn were honoured to sponsor this competition once again.

The format was in similar fashion to last year, with 3 courses for the chefs to compete with: a starter, an intermediary, and a main course. The intermediary course was the invention test. We were very happy to supply our delicious and sustainably Canadian Lobsters for the surprise mystery box. The lobsters, although cooked, gave the chefs a real challenge in creating dishes as well as getting to grips with breaking down a lobster!

The finals were held at Grimsby Institute where we were joined by the judges: Celebrity chef, Daniel Clifford; Seafish Official, Nikki Hawkins; Youngs Seafood’s Serge Nollent; and Jak Cresser Brown from Koppert Cress.

This competition is a wonderful event that offers young chefs valuable experience within the seafood industry and an opportunity to demonstrate their ability, creativity, knowledge, and flair for using seafood from sustainable sourced. All of the guests were extremely impressed with the level of culinary expertise demonstrated by the young chefs and we look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

We discussed with two students from Manchester about the invention test and our lobsters:

“We really enjoyed the lobster. We’ve never had to crack a whole lobster but everything was easy to snap off and the meat was delicious. For our invention test, we sliced the tail and lightly smoked it. We then roasted off the shells to make a shell oil and a lobster custard. We also diced up the claws and put them into a potato salad. There were so many possibilities.”



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