Spoiling Mum with Seafood

Although Christmas feels like it was only about 3 days ago and Valentines is out of the way, Claire Partridge is ready and raring to go for the next UK day of celebration… Mother’s Day.

I always feel like Mums get the rough end of the deal. Many mums out there are performing superhuman roles daily – they’re holding down more full-time roles in the workplace than years ago, they’re managing family budgets, they know everyone in the household’s schedule, manage to get everyone where they need to be on time AND they’re doing most of this stuff unpaid, with little thanks… as it’s become expected of them. It’s what “mums do”.

I probably don’t thank my own mum enough for the hard work she’s put in over the years in turning me into a fully functioning adult human that manages to turn up to work on time, pay my bills (also on time). No wonder she looked so happy the day I got married, as she waved me off to become someone else’s responsibility for the rest of my days. So cheers Mum, if you’re reading this.

But back to that one day a year, where we should celebrate our mums, grandmas, aunts and all the other wonderful women in the world who’ve stepped up into the shoes of a mum role, for those who aren’t fortunate enough to have their own mum around.

My point to all of this – spoiling someone doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money. It’s not expensive bouquets of flowers, or lavish gifts. It can be small things – take your mum for lunch if you can afford it, to save her cooking one meal. Or, maybe you could make her a slap-up feast at home? Either at your place, so she can really put her feet up or go around and take over her kitchen for the day.

A Seafood Delight for Mums

The Big Prawn Company has some great (and super easy) ingredients that you can pull together in no time for a feast for mum. It doesn’t need to be about getting up at dawn to buy the finest organic produce at the market and recreate Michelin level food at home. It’s more about the time and effort you put in. That’s what Mums appreciate.

Simple and tasty

To start, you could pull together some crab fishcakes easily. Crab meat, mashed, cooked potatoes, splash of double cream, lemon, herbs and seasoning, mixed together then coated in breadcrumbs and either oven baked or fried is a winner. Serve your creation with a rocket salad and a wedge of lemon and you have a great opener to a lunch or dinner. If you’re adventurous, try making mini crab cakes!

Only 5 ingredients but big flavours

Next up, why not try a king prawn linguine? A friend taught me to make this years ago and it’s a speedy, impressive go-to. Cook your pasta separately, then fry up thinly sliced onions and garlic, in butter. Add white wine, lemon juice and some lemon zest. Throw in the prawns, a little of the pasta water, then drain your linguine and add it all to the pan. Mix around until heated through, season with salt and pepper, then serve. You want just enough “sauce” to coat the prawns and pasta and give it flavour. Finish with grated parmesan.

A retro favourite

And to finish? Well, my mum loves a pavlova or any 1970s retro dessert. At no cost, I’ll let you into a secret that you can thank me for later… I cheat with my pavlova. The local supermarket does a great pre-made pavlova base. I whip up some cream and top with a selection of fresh fruit. Sometimes I melt chocolate and drizzle this over too. Looks impressive, takes 15 minutes and there’s no faffing about making meringue.

Honestly, you’ll have all the above ready in a little more than an hour (as long you pre-cook the potatoes for your crabcakes).

Make sure you take the time to say thanks to Mum this Mother’s Day and even if you’re not a great cook, you’ve got until the last Sunday in March to practice.

Written by Claire Partridge – alter ego What Claire Did – a 30 year old blogger from Glasgow in Scotland, who loves cooking, eating out and travel.

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