Canadian Scallops

Sourcing our Canadian Scallops

At The Big Prawn Company, we source all of our Canadian scallops from the MSC certified fishery Clearwater to ensure tasty delicate seafood that is responsibly sourced.

About Clearwater

Clearwater is a fishery based in Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. They strive to be industry leaders in seafood sustainability, going above and beyond the already stringent industry regulations applying responsible practices from harvesting to processing.

Assessing the Canadian Scallops

The scallop assessment process starts with a rigorous scientific assessment of stock health. Banks are sampled on an annual basis and data such as catch rates, meat counts, and spatial information from satellite tracking are used to determine stock abundance and composition.

Clearwater has many sustainability measures that they employ voluntarily. For example, there is a minimum size rule. This means that younger scallops are protected.

Utilising data collated from state of the art technology, Clearwater also sets safe harvest levels. By having harvest levels, they’re able to ensure that scallop stock maintains high productivity whilst avoiding any overfishing that could threaten sustainability.

Fishing Methods

The scallops are harvested by modern and sophisticated vessels that can accurately target scallop habitats while leaving surrounding habitats undisturbed to minimise environmental impact. These vessels are also capable of shucking, measuring, grading and freezing scallops within an hour after harvest keeping the shellfish fresh and tasty. The scallops are also automatically inputted into a traceability system that allows tracking of the catch throughout the entire Clearwater supply chain.

Innovative Monitoring of the Catch

All of Clearwater vessels are equipped with monitoring devices that provide real-time electronic monitoring. This system allows the company to make sure the catch adheres to the industry and their own sustainability regulation, and to also manage the bycatch responsibly.

Clearwater leads an industry initiative in geospatial mapping of the ocean bottom, providing detailed information about bottom contours and habitat types that have been incorporated into the scientific assessment of scallops, which leads to an improved understanding and management of the best sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing practices.

Big Prawn also sources scallops from Peru. Find out more about our sourcing techniques for Peruvian scallops here.

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