seafood canapes

Showstopping Party Canapes

Show off your culinary skills with some beautiful and delicious seafood canapes that will surprise everyone!

Prawn cocktail vol au vents

The classic prawn cocktail was all the rage from the ‘60s to the ‘80s, but it’s still a crowd favourite during the festive season! You can have it the original way, with mayo, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. You can posh it up using fancier veggies like avocado and watercress.

Or you can take it one step further and really serve something special making prawn and crayfish sweet chilli vol au vents! Crayfish and prawns go really well with the tasty sweet chilli sauce, especially when concentrated in a bite-sized, light and puffy delicious vol au vent! Plus, you can make them in advance, chill them, and just serve them hassle free! 

Tiger prawn fan

Sometimes simplicity is all you need to make everyone rush to the table to fight over your delicious starters. Our Tiger Prawn fan looks great, it’s incredibly easy to serve, and everyone will love the rich flavour of the juicy, impressive prawns. Plus, because it’s so easy to serve, you can prepare a variety of tasty dips to go with it! Sweet chilli, garlic butter, a flavourful aioli, and spicy chilli are all great choices when it comes to prawns. Our favourite? Coriander chutney, the perfect companion for delicious tiger prawns!

Crab dip

 Starters are a very important part of your Christmas meal. A great starter puts everyone in a good mood, and if there’s something that will definitely make people smile, it’s a creamy, delicious crab dip. Light, sweet and flavourful, you can serve it next to tasty bruschettas, warm sourdough bread, crunchy nachos, chips, crisps, the list goes on and on! You can add your personal touch to the dip using different spices and herbs, or even make a bunch of different versions to make everyone happy. Get ready to reap some compliments, there’s going to be plenty of them!

Salmon and Avocado platter

Go big or go home time? Make everyone stop in their shoes with a beautiful, colourful, and totally delicious smoked salmon and avocado platter. The rich, creamy avocado is a great complement to the refreshing flavour of smoked salmon, and it’s really easy to arrange the whole dish to make it even more show stopping! Pro tip: you can use the leftover avocado to make some delicious guacamole!


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