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Finding happiness has never been so important, especially finding happiness in aspects of our life, such as food. The Big Prawn Company has been in touch with bloggers, industry personalities, and everyone we can to understand what makes you happy when it comes to food!

What Makes Big Prawn Happy?

For Big Prawn, the launch of our Big & Happy Tiger Prawns is making us very happy! These sorts of products are so important for us, as it makes an impact across the whole world! Supplied by The Happy Prawn Company, they ensure happy farmers are ethically cared for an looked after. This products supports the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) as with every pack bought, 20p will be donated to the BOSF. The work of the BOSF creates happy orangutans who are protected, as well as other endangered species in Borneo such as the Sumatran Rhino. The environment in Borneo is also carefully looked after and protected by the BOSF ensuring that happy habitats means happy inhabitants. The prawns, ethically and sustainably farmed by The Happy Prawn Company, are also happy. By being raised in stress-free environments using traditional methods and low stocking densities, these prawns are even more delicious for you! What’s most important for us at Big Prawn is that the choices we make here with our eating habits and products has an impact across the world, and we want to make the most positive impact we can. On top of that, you can never beat the happiness of how people love our products, particularly these incredible Big & Happy Tiger Prawns! These Tiger Prawns are available to buy in Waitrose & Partners, in selected stores and online so you can make a positive impact across the world as well as make yourself happy with tasty shellfish!

Share The Happy

What do our friends feel about happiness?

My son is coming up to two and a half ao I can begin to start cooking with him, and that makes me so happy! Seeing his little face stirring pains, spreading grated cheese, brushing pastry with an eggs wash, little things like that make my heart sing. In terms of professionally, I love giving people confidence to take control of how they eat, and embrace food as a pleasure and positive factor, not something negative.


I love how food brings people together.   Even in these challenging times, food can reunite us round the family table, or virtually, when we’re having dinner parties and catch ups over the internet. I’m enjoying spending time in the kitchen, silencing the outside world for a while, teaching myself new skills and dishes and enjoying some simplicity during uncertain moments.


Hanger is real but for every meltdown over a missed meal, there is a blissful memory of that perfect bite. Food has the power to be much more than a human need, but a mark of celebration, a moment of self-care or a declaration of love. We started The Gills Gals because we shared a passion for cooking. Our hope is that in sharing simple recipes, we’ll spark that happiness in our readers. It’s safe to say we’re both happiest when cooking or eating. But seeing snaps of our followers chuffed with themselves after cooking our recipes, comes a very close second.

The Gills Gals

If I had to summarise it in one line, what makes me happy when it comes to food is when it tastes great and is both good for me and the planet too. I love how food can connect people, not just with their immediate community but with communities around the world. I don’t think people always consider where there food comes and what it takes to get it onto your plate, but when you stop and think about it, it fills me with gratitude that there are people working hard all around the world to make that happen. In the seafood industry there are more and more fishing businesses and communities committing themselves to sustainable practices, and it makes me happy to think that means our children and our children’s children will continue to be able to eat the food we love.

Seth McCurry from MSC

What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy when it comes to food? Is it the sharing aspect with everyone and creating meals that people love, or is it the process of cooking? Do products with a purpose make you happier? Tell us on our Social Media, or comment below!

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