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What is the Seagan Diet?

As awareness of different foods and health benefits have arisen over the last few years, there’s been a big increase on the list of diets that people adopt. The list includes veganism, flexitarianism, paleo, keto; and now – seagan.

What does Seagan mean?

Seagan essentially means being vegan, with the exception of fish. Although this might sound like pescatarian, you are still eliminating diary products from your diet. According to the creators of this diet, introducing seafood into a vegan diet gives you a rich variety of nutrients from fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grain, plus the added omega-3 from fish. Seaganism is a healthy and diverse diet that is far less restrictive than traditional veganism although still following the plant-based style of eating primarily.

Why should you try Seagan?

As veganism has increased recently, you may have been intrigued by it. It certainly boasts many health benefits to the diet as well as core environmental advantages with the elimination of farmed meat. There are also trends you might have tried such as Meatless Monday or Veganuary. Seaganism is the perfect compromise for those who found Veganism too restrictive and difficult. If you like the idea of a plant-based diet but don’t want to compromise on the important benefits of protein, Seaganism could be for you. One of the biggest benefits of going Seagan is the added omega 3. DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids are difficult to include in a vegan diet without a supplement.

Seagan Inspiration

There are lots of different dishes you can try with Seaganism. It is recommended to have at least two portions of fish a week, so we’ve got some interesting and unique recipe ideas so you’ll never get bored. Remember, using ready-to-eat seafood can help you with quick and easy recipes.


king prawn spaghetti

King Prawn Spaghetti


Smoked Paprika Squid


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