Seafood with the Seasons

August is the height of summer and as a result, has lots of beautiful produce that is perfect for cooking. Cooking with seasonal produce is a great way to enjoy local and fresh vegetables. Lots of these different fruits and vegetables go wonderfully with seafood, and when choosing frozen seafood pairing with fresh produce results in delicious, tasty meals.


Courgettes are a delicious summer vegetable with a delicate flavour but robust texture. They work perfectly with the barbecue and take on a tasty smokey flavour as well as maintaining their shape without disintegrating. Courgettes are also able to take on powerful flavours with sauces and marinades. 

barbecue prawn kebabs


As the weather warms up in August, you might need to stay as ‘cool as a cucumber’! Cucumber is fresh, crisp, and super refreshing. Pairing with seafood is perfect as the cucumber doesn’t overpower the delicate flavour of prawns and crayfish as well as the beautiful textural divide between soft seafood and crunchy cucumber. 

thai prawn salad
crayfish viet rolls


August is prime tomato time! The tomatoes are turning a beautiful colour of rouge and deliciously sweet and plump. Cooking seafood and tomatoes together is the perfect way to unite Mediterranean flavours in one dish. 

mussel tartlets
crayfish pasta


Fresh mint is a great way to breathe life into your cooking. It’s also an ideal windowsill herb to grow that it is in full bloom in August. Using mint with seafood has to be carefully considered in order not to overpower the seafood and taste like toothpaste. Use it as a garnish with powerful and spicy flavours. 

harissa prawns
prawn naanwich


Samphire and seafood is a match made in heaven. The salty flavour of crisp and bright samphire is perfect to act as seasoning with the seafood. It works particularly well with the rich and juicy flavour of scallops. 

cromer crab salad
scallops lemon and capers


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