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Seafood Thrills on the Grill

In her latest blog post for The Big Prawn Company, food blogger, Claire Partridge ponders how on earth BBQ season has arrived already and just what can you do with seafood and an open flame?!

As I’ve just highlighted above, I can’t believe it’s actually the season to be dragging the grills out of the garages around the country. To be stock piling briquettes and gas canisters like there’s no tomorrow and lastly, to be excited to see the barbecue friendly products making an appearance in stores. *Immediately takes a trip to the supermarket for one of those daisy shaped hose sprinklers*

I feel like I’ve just put away the Christmas decorations and somehow, in the blink of an eye, here we are in May. By the season for barbecue, I mean, it really is the season. It’s warm, by some minor miracle. We have escaped the depths of winter, the clocks have allowed us to enjoy daylight ALMOST to our bedtimes, and even the weather in Scotland has genuinely been outdoor-cooking friendly. It’s been blue skies, above 15˚c, and dry this year so far, so we’re off to a strong start. Slight disclaimer, we do barbecue in all weathers here – where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Seafood absolutely owns a place on the barbecue.  The go-to barbecue food tends to be steaks (manly), chicken (gym fanatics), veggie burgers (very few options for veggie friends) or burgers (keeps the carnivores happy) but have you taken a few moments to think about how highly nutritious, low in fat, very much delicious seafood can contribute too?

Well read on because I’ve done the hard work for you.

Let me see those prawns

I won’t insert a terrible Australian accent and phrase here, but rest assured prawns were made for barbecuing. Tiger prawns – marinade in lemon, oil, parsley, and sea salt. Throw them straight on whole until they are pink and ready for eating. No messing. That’s a real barbecued prawn for you. King Prawns up next. Made for kebabs. Go for a fancy marinade if you’re feeling daring, then thread them onto metal skewers and get them cooked through, turning regularly for even cooking. Serve with grilled veggies, for a healthy, low carb meal.

Scallops… Really?

Not one that might immediately come to mind for barbecues… but stay with me. Scallops wrapped in pancetta are delicious. Pat them dry, season well and wrap each scallop in sliced pancetta. Thread three scallops onto each skewer and barbecue for around 10 minutes (turning regularly) or until the fish is cooked through. Don’t overcook, as you don’t want to eat rubber. This is a grown-up barbecue food – probably best to keep the kids away from these, as they might not appreciate them quite as much as the adults do.

Crab Legs… You Bet!

For a real American style dish, why not go for crab legs and a side of garlic butter? If you’re lucky enough to have a fishmonger nearby, ask if they can split the legs in half lengthways for you, to make them easier to grill. Around 25 minutes is probably enough cooking time and if you’ve got one of those really fancy barbecues that incorporates a wood smoker – try it. You won’t look back. It’s long enough of a cooking time to get a hint of that delicious smokiness into the meat.   Serve with the melted garlic butter, drizzled over the crab leg meat and a side of grilled corn.

Steaming Mussels on the barbecue… a game changer

I kid you not, you can steam mussels in white wine and garlic on a barbecue. Using a barbecue-friendly pan, pour in white wine and your selected seasoning and place your mussels on top of this. Leave room for the steam to rise up either side, from the cooking liquid. Cover the pan with a lid so it’s fully sealed then, place on the barbecue and cook for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes carefully check the mussels have opened. Be careful – there will be lots of steam. If they’ve opened, they are ready to eat. If not, cook for another few minutes. Remove from the grill, serve immediately with skinny fries (you’ve got permission from me to cook your fries in the oven. The barbecue might just be a step too far)!

There you have it folks: 4 different seafoods, 4 different recipes to try but one thing in common… when the weather heats up, there’s only one way to cook your seafood this year: the barbecue.

Written by Claire Partridge – alter ego What Claire Did – a 30 year old blogger from Glasgow in Scotland who loves cooking, eating out and travel.


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