Seafood Myths

Seafood Myths You Need to Know The Truth About

If you look hard enough, nearly every type of food has misconceptions attached to it and these half-baked truths impact the way we cook and eat. We’ve uncovered the truth about our absolute favourite thing in the world: seafood!

Fresh is better than Frozen

It might have been true once, but the modern freezing technologies allow us to maintain both the taste and the nutritional values of most seafood. This means that you can cook with Lobster from Canada or Tiger prawns from Madagascar as if you fished them yourself.

Wild seafood is better than Farmed

This is a big one to dispel. Getting wild seafood is considerably more expensive and actually has a greater negative impact on the environment. This is because the whole natural ecosystem can become disrupted in the process. When it comes to taste, wild and farmed taste extremely similar and contain all the same nutritional properties. When it comes to shellfish, you should opt to consume more farmed seafood.

Seafood is bad for your cholesterol

Shellfish in general, and prawns, in particular, do actually have high amounts of cholesterol in them. However, health-wise, what will affect your cholesterol is the amount of saturated fat within the food.  Prawns and shellfish contain incredibly low levels of saturated fats, which means that as long as you don’t deep fry them or cook them with a lot of butter, they will not affect the cholesterol in your bloodstream. Barbecuing, grilling, steaming or preparing seafood with unsaturated fats like olive oil are all great ways to enjoy a nice meal from the sea without worrying about cholesterol.

The Fish and Cheese Combo

In most western countries people tend to shy away from using cheese when preparing seafood meals. The main issue, from a culinary standpoint, is the coupling of delicate tasting seafood with the often-overpowering various kinds of cheese. Nowadays, many chefs are pushing the boundaries on that front, exploring new avenues and proving that fish and dairy products can actually go together. You just need to choose carefully: there are plenty of strong-tasting seafood and as much, if not more, very mild-tasting cheese. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Shellfish Fights Against Cancer

We are very happy to confirm that this myth is actually true! Prawns, like most shellfish, contain very high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which tumour cells have a hard time feeding on. A high weekly intake of prawns has been proven to help prevent and fight breast cancer in particular.

Now that you know how good seafood is for you and the environment, you can start using it more often, and don’t forget to get creative with it! Prawns, mussels, lobster and shellfish are all very flexible ingredients that lend themselves to many different uses in delicious recipes. So what are you waiting for, go make yourself some tasty meals!


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