Seafood Holiday Dishes to Enjoy

It’s officially the summer holidays, so its time to relax and enjoy more seafood than ever! Travelling around the world, there’s lots of different cultures and cuisines to find out more about. We’ve put together our favourite fish and seafood dishes from around the world you have to try.

Belgium: Moules-Frites

Moules Frites, translated as Mussels and Chips, is a Belgian classic. This dish can be found throughout France, however, its origin is Belgian. This dish most likely came about due to being cheap and easy to make from the Flemish coast. There are many different ways you can prepare the mussels such as ‘mariniere’ (white wine, shallots, and parsley), ‘a la biere’ (cooked in beer); or ‘a la crème, (thickened with flour and cream).  Choose a sauce you love as it’s perfect to dip the ‘frites’ into!

Portugal: Grilled Sardines

Sardines are a pretty big deal in Portugal – in fact, there is even a festival in Lisbon to celebrate them. In the summertime, enjoy them off the grill or even in the tin. They’re simply delicious. In fact, the whole dish is focused on simplicity: seasoned with coarse salt and served with boiled potatoes and salad.

Spain: Paella

Paella originates in the city of Valencia. It is a delicious and vibrant rice dish that has a variety of variations. ON the Mediterranean coast, it’s typical that seafood is uses to make paella, and more often than not, served in the shell. You can also find mixed paella, which includes seafood and meat, such as chicken or chorizo. The word paella actually comes from the name of the iconic frying pan its cooked in.

Peru: Ceviche

If you’re venturing to South America or want to be adventurous at home, this zesty Peruvian Ceviche is a must-have. Ceviche is a dish of fresh raw fish that is cure in citrus juices and then flavoured with chilli, onions, salt, and coriander. If you’re enjoying ceviche, remember it has to be really fresh as it’s cooked with no heat.

Australia: BBQ Prawns

We all know the dreaded attempts concerning Australian accents and the phrase ‘Prawns on the Barbie’; but accents aside, this simple dish is a firm favourite of down under. To enjoy your barbecue prawns ‘Aussie Style’, simply butterfly King prawns, season with salt, pepper, and garlic butter, and put them on the grill.

UK: Fish and Chips

If you’re enjoying the summer holidays in the UK, there’s plenty of seafood to enjoy. If you’re barbecuing at home, ditch the burgers and try something new and delicious in from our Seafood Thrills for the Grill. Plus, is a trip to a British beach complete without tasty Fish and Chips? You can even learn all about the history of this iconic dish here.


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