Seafood From Around the World: Italy

Italy is known around the world for its delicious cuisine, and it’s a well earned reputation especially when it comes to seafood. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, Italy has more than 4.700 miles of seafood yielding coastline, resulting in countless traditional seafood recipes that vary greatly from region to region. Try a taste of Italian’s Seafood Cuisine with our 4 favourite dishes below.

Impepata di cozze

This delicious starter is a true classic in every Italian coastal town. Simple yet delicious, it’s a two ingredient recipe: mussels and pepper. The mussels are cleaned, rinsed, put into a hot pot with a lot of flavourful pepper, and covered with a lid. They are left to steam for just 3 or 4 minutes, and the end result is an incredibly tasty starter that’s best eaten with your hands and some fragrant crusty bread to soak in all the delicious mussel juices. Depending on where in Italy you try your impepata di cozze, you might find lemon, chopped parsley or cherry tomatoes added to the mix.

Spaghetti allo scoglio

One of the most iconic Italian dishes, spaghetti allo scoglio is bursting with seafood flavours. There’s no fixed recipe for it, as it was traditionally made with whatever mix of seafood was at hand, but nowadays it always includes mussels, prawns and clams, and it’s not uncommon to find versions with calamari, squid and octopus. This medley of seafood is cooked together with cherry tomatoes, a generous amount of chopped parsley, garlic, white wine and black pepper, while the pasta gets added right at the end and it’s left to cook for the last few minutes in the pan to soak in all the flavours.

Fritto Misto

Fritto misto is probably the most ordered dish in seafood restaurants throughout Italy. Literally translated as ‘fried mix’, it’s a mixture of crispy fried fish and seafood, which includes small fish like anchovies, white fish, prawns, squid, calamari and octopus. In other words, whatever is fished on the day can be found in your fritto misto! The recipe is therefore not set in stone, but there are a few characteristics that every fritto misto must have: crispy, thin golden batter, it shouldn’t be oily, and every bite should be very, very crunchy.

Polpo e patate

Potatoes make the list in this scrumptious dish, where they come together with tasty octopus for a mind blowing combination. The beauty of this recipe lies in its flexibility, as it can be served cold as a luxurious salad or beautiful starter, and hot as a comforting main. Depending on the variant, the potatoes can be mashed, steamed or baked, while the octopus is always cooked in a pot and then roughly chopped. Other classic ingredients include black pepper, parsley and lemon juice

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