Seafood for Breakfast

You might be forgiven for believing breakfast is for toast and cereal, but introducing seafood into your morning routine can be delicious and healthy!  Try these seafood breakfast ideas to start your day right.

The Classic

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and bagel. This delicious breakfast dish is proof you don’t have to go too avant-garde to enjoy seafood for breakfast. Try something new with it whether it’s avocado or a sprinkling of crab meat, keep your breakfast exciting!

Update a Favourite

Can anyone resist a good Eggs Benedict in the morning? Crispy muffins, oozing egg yolk, and a soft velvety hollandaise sauce – simply heaven. However, you can make it even better with the addition of seafood. Try a few slices of smoked salmon and a squeeze of lemon to cut through the rich flavour of the dish. For the weekend try something more lavish with the addition of lobster. It might seem a bit much, but as soon as you taste it, you’ll realise its worth it. Find the recipe here.

A Traditional Breakfast

When you think of a traditional English Breakfast, more often than not, the thought of a fry up will populate your mind. However, kedgeree can be traced back to the Victorian times! Kedgeree is traditionally smoked haddock, boiled rice, parsley, hard boiled eggs, and spices. It’s a delicious breakfast delicacy that was introduced to England from India by British colonials. Try it for yourself here

Quick and Simple

Enjoying fish for breakfast isn’t just for the long weekends when you have plenty of time. You can create a tasty breakfast in the same time it takes for bacon and eggs! Switch out the bacon or sausages for smoked mackerel or kippers. What’s even better, in the hot months, put them on the barbecue for a smoky flavour.

Global Inspiration

An omelette doesn’t sound particularly exciting or global, however, in Asian countries such as Singapore and Japan, crab omelettes are a local delicacy. Packed full of delicious flavours and protein, you’ll be feeling satisfied until lunch!

What’s your favourite way to have fish in the morning?


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