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Seafood Around the World: Norway

Discover some of the local delicacies of fish and seafood around the world, starting with Norway. This Scandinavian country has a long history of fishing, which naturally leads to local delicacies often being fish-based. We even source our double-frozen coldwater prawns from Norway.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is one of the most iconic fish dishes associated with Norway. Norwegian Smoked Salmon tends to be leaner than Scottish smoked salmon with a more densely smoky flavour and intense aroma. The silky smooth texture is achieved by dry curing with various types of wood, such as Juniper. Enjoy it however you please, from canapés to breakfast!


Rakfisk are fermented fillets of freshwater trout that are typically found in inland areas of Norway. The trout is salted and layered in wooden barrels, then covered with spruce branches before being left to ferment for months. Its then typically enjoyed on flatbread with soured cream and an onion and beetroot salad. Initially, the aromas may be overwhelming, but it’s delicious.


Lutefisk is a dish that’s enjoyed during the festive season and is from a tradition dating back to the 16th century. The dried cod is soaked in lye which is a strong alkali and then is rinsed with cold water. This changes the appearance and texture of the fish so it’s springy. Don’t worry, buy the time it’s ready to eat, all of the caustic lye is removed and you can enjoy it with bacon, mashed peas and boiled potatoes.

Bergensk Fiskesuppe

This delicate fish soup is a delicacy from Bergen. Made with light fish stock based on local small Pollock, a silky soup is created with double cream and then haddock, cod, and Pollock are added. Its rich yet sharp flavour is achieved with the addition of egg yolk, soured cream, and a touch of vinegar.


Sursild is the most traditional recipe for a Norwegian pickled herring. It can be enjoyed at any time throughout the year, but is especially found during Christmas. Sursild consists of salted herring, onion slices, and a variety of spices such as peppercorns and mustard seeds in a jar. This jar is then filled with a boiled vinegar mixture. Sursild is commonly enjoyed as a breakfast with fresh bread and onion.


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