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Seafood Around the World: Ireland

Ireland might not be the first country you think of when thinking of seafood dishes; however, the beautiful unspoiled coastline ensures that it’s home to stunning seafood. These are some famous dishes from Ireland you have to try.

Irish Boxty with Smoked Salmon

Boxty is a traditional Irish dish that is essentially a potato pancake. It has a unique texture, which is created by the mixing of mashed and grated potato. Whether you have it for breakfast or dinner is very dependent on the toppings. The boxty lends itself well to many different toppings, but our favourite is smoked salmon and a dill sauce.

Dublin Lawyer

Don’t be scared by the name – no solicitors present! Dublin lawyer is a rich and creamy seafood dish. Typically, it can contain prawns, langoustines (known as Dublin Bay Prawns), lobster, or a combination of the above. The seafood is smothered in an irresistible Irish Whisky and cream sauce and is often served with rice or pasta.

Guinness Battered Cod

Guinness might be the most recognisable Irish drink, so it’s no surprise it featured on our seafood must-tries. You might be used to seeing beer-battered cod, but simply substitute the beer for Guinness. The Guinness gives a great depth of flavour to the crispy batter that works perfectly with flaky cod. Serving recommendation: alongside a pint of Guinness.

Fisherman’s Pie

On a cold evening, there’s nothing better than a creamy Fisherman’s Pie. Topped with smooth mashed potato and a sprinkling of strong cheese, this fish pie is delicious. Unlike your typical English Fish Pie, avoid smoked fish. Choose fresh white fish (pollock, cod, haddock etc), salmon, prawns, or even langoustine and envelope them in a silky smooth creamy sauce.

Irish Seafood Chowder

Typically, the first seafood that comes to mind with a chowder is clams. However, the Irish seafood chowder can use a real mixture of different fish and shellfish in a creamy soup. Best served with Irish sourdough bread for dipping.


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