Romantic Seafood Valentine’s Meal

Is there anything more romantic than a special meal cooked for your significant other filled with seafood? Find some inspiration with our special Valentine’s Menu for home.

Grilled Prawns with Garlic and Chilli Cream Sauce

This tasty dish will certainly become a favourite. When cooking prawns for a special occasion, we always recommend choosing tiger prawns for a plumper texture and powerful flavour. We’ve paired our grilled prawns with a simple garlic and chilli cream sauce. Once you have the basics of this sauce, you can adjust to your liking. Simply fry garlic and chilli gently in olive oil, add lemon, sprinkling of sugar, parsley, seasoning, and a drizzle of cream or dollop of creme fraiche until its your desired thickness. Griddle the prawns until beautifully cooked and drizzle over the sauce.

Lobster Tails with Lemon and Thyme Butter

lobster tail

When you think of romantic seafood, lobster has to be number one! When it comes to cooking lobster, keep it simple! Let the beautiful lobster meat talk for its self. Using cooked lobster from Big Prawn Company can help cut down your cooking time. Gently melt butter with thyme leaves, squeeze of lemon, and also some lemon zest to smother over the cooked lobster. If you make more of this lemony butter, use it as a base for a delicious hollandaise for your vegetables. Want to make it extra special? Serve with some shaved truffle to really pull out all the stops.

Cherry Panna Cotta

cherry panna cotta

With a heavy and intense meal, choosing a light and creamy dessert such as panna cotta is a great idea. It’s also a dessert that requires being cooked ahead of the time, which works well with the other last minute style dishes. Using black cherries give this panna cotta a stunning colour that will impress your loved one.

What’s your favourite meal to cook for your significant other or someone you’re trying to impress?


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