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7 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Just checked out your website and have come away with quite a few dinner inspirations!

  2. May Rutherford says:

    The Big Prawn Cocktail was super tasty. I’ll always buy it from now and I’m going to try all the other fab products I found on the website 🙂

  3. J roberts says:

    I love the big & tasty prawn cocktail i buy one nearly every morning along with a salad bowl from my local co-op. Fabulous lunch.

  4. David Smith says:

    I bought 2 Prawn and Crayfish Souffles at Waitrose heated them up and to my horror found they had chilli in them. The chilli completely destroyed the delicate taste of the fish and left me with a burning mouth. Why does everyone have to put chilli in everything these days, as far a fish dishes are concerned chilli just ruins the delicate taste of the fish. Not sure I will buy any of your super looking fish dishes again!

    • The Big Prawn says:

      Hi David,
      We are very sorry the souffles were not to your tastes. We work very hard on creating the perfect product and we feel the spices add a delicious flavour. We think that maybe our crab and cheese souffles may be more suitable to your palette or even our creamy clam chowder!

  5. Rachael says:

    I bought a big and tasty prawn cocktail from the coop for my lunch, took it home and found that it had only 6 prawns in the whole 135g tub! It was mostly sauce. Tasted lovely but I expected there to be much more than 6 prawns. Bit disappointed.

    • The Big Prawn says:

      Hi Rachael, we’re very sorry you were disappointed with our Prawn Cocktail. We will pass your comments and email to the quality control team at Big Prawn.

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