White Clams


White Clams

500g whole clams cooked in their shells.

These Vietnamese Clams are from the Bén Tré fishery are MSC certified and are gathered by hand using regulated rakes and nets. Our white clams are delicious and naturally high in iron and vitamin B12.


Clams (Meretrix Lyrata): Water, Salt

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Keep frozen. Do not refreeze.
Keep refrigerated once defrosted.


Our clams are easy and convenient to defrost with no mess or fuss. Defrost overnight in the fridge or defrost quickly under running warm water.
These clams have been cooked in the bag. They require no further cooking and can be eaten cold.
Alternatively they can be gently warmed using the natural juices in the bag or used as an ingredient of one of your favourite seafood dishes.


These Vietnamese Clams are from the Bén Tré fishery that has been MSC certified since early 2009.


Contains Molluscs

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