Stuffed Squid

Stuffed Squid

410g prepared stuffed squid

Our South East Asian squid is washed and ready to cook using your favourite method.This squid can be used in all of your favourite seafood recipes and tastes delicious fried or grilled.


Stuffed squid (Loligo spp.)(mollusc).

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Keep frozen -18°C. Use within 2 days of opening. Do not refreeze once defrosted but keep chilled below 4°C and use within one day.


For best results cook from defrosted.Remove all packaging.
To fry: Separate tentacles and cut the squid tube into rings. Heat 1 tsp of cooking oil in a large pan over a medium heat. Add squid rings and tentacles to the pan and cook for 4 mins stirring occasionally.


Wild caught by hooks and lines in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


Contains molluscs

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