Madagascan Tiger Prawns

Madagascan Tiger Prawns

220g Whole uncooked tiger prawns.

Our Big & Juicy Tiger Prawns come from a farm that uses very low stocking densities so the prawns have freedom to swim around in a natural environment. This ensures a less stressed, perfect quality prawn with a fantastic texture and taste. Our Madagascan supplier has made a significant commitment to the sustainability of their farming operations through their aquaculture practices and improvement in the lives  their employees and local communities.


Prawns  Tiger Prawns (Penaeus Monodon) (crustaceans), water, salt, preservative (E22E).


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Additional information


Keep frozen.


For best results cooked from defrost. Place prawns in boiling water and cook for 2-3 mins. Quickly plunge in cold water to stop further cooking. Or grill under a high heat for 4-5 mins turning regularly. Cooked prawns will turn pinky orange. Ensure prawns are cooked through but avoid overcooking so they stay moist.


Farmed in Madagascar.


Contains Crustaceans

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