Jumbo Raw Indonesian King Prawns

Jumbo Raw Indonesian King Prawns

225g raw peeled king prawns.

Grown in the shadow of Krakatoa, our raw Sumatran King prawns are renowned for their rich colour and big taste. Our prawns are carefully farmed using sustainable methods with the highest standards of care for the environment and the community. To ensure the wellbeing of the prawns their natural diet is supplemented with feed that uses fish from sustainable resources.


King prawns (99%) (Penaeus Vannamei) (Crustaceans), Water, Salt


Jamaican Jerk Prawns

Big Prawn Inspire

Jamaican Jerk Prawns
This prawn dish packs a punch with tempting Jamaican jerk flavours! You won’t be able to believe how easy this recipe is!

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Our 'Big & Juicy' prawns are easy to defrost, simply leave to stand in cold water for 5-10 mins (changing the water once), alternatively defrost overnight in the fridge.
Consume within 24hrs of defrosting. Do not refreeze once thawed.


For the best results cook from defrost. Place prawns in boiling water and cook for 1-2 mins then quickly plunge in cold water to top further cooking.
Ensure prawns are cooked through but avoid overcooking so that they stay moist. Alternatively stir fry on gentle heat for 1-2 mins until prawns have turned orange.


Packed in the UK
Farmed in Indonesia


Contains crustaceans

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