Cromer Crab

Cromer Crab

500g partially prepared whole cooked brown (cromer) crab.

Our crabs are caught off the North Norfolk coast using small day fishing boats and baited crab pots that are placed offshore. These ‘Brown Crabs’ are most commonly fished off the Norfolk coast and many visitors to the seaside resorts of East Anglia will have already tried these crabs ‘dressed’ but they are equally delicious used in a recipe such as bisque, souffle, paté or simply baked.


Whole Cooked Brown Crab (Cancer Pagarus)


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Keep frozen at – 18°C or below.
Remove outer box and defrost overnight in the fridge.
Ensure crab is fully defrosted before use. Keep refrigerated below 5°C and consume within 36 hrs.
Do not refreeze once defrosted


We have partially prepared your crab by removing it's stomach, mouthparts & grills (dead man's fingers) for ease of use.


Processed in Cromer, North Norfolk, using only locally landed crab.

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