Coldwater prawns in brine 645g

Coldwater prawns in brine 645g

645g Cooked & Peeled coldwater prawns in brine.

Wild caught from the very northern waters of the North Atlantic, our coldwater prawns are juicy and succulent. Use straight from the tub or as an ingredient in any of your favourite prawn recipes. This is the perfect ingredient for your fridge!


Coldwater Prawns (Pandalus Spp.), Water, Salt, Citric Acid, Preservatives (E211), (E202)



Big Prawn Know

Coldwater Prawns vs Warmwater Prawns Learn all about the different types of prawns and how you should be cooking with them.

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Keep refrigerated between 0-4˚C. Once opened, keep in brine and use within 5 days. If drained, use within 2 days. Not suitable for home freezing.


Drain required quantity for 10 secs (rinse in cold water if a less salty taste is desired). Keep remainder refrigerated in brine for up to 5 days but not exceeding use by date. While every care has been taken to remove all remnants of shell, some small fragments may remain


Wild caught. Canada, Greenland and Iceland.


Contains crustaceans

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