The Big Prawn Company sources delicious scallops from Peru and Canada.

Our Peruvian scallops have a beautiful and delicate flavour and texture. One of the most revered seafood delicacies, we ensure that we only harvest the best scallops, with the least damage to the environment and sustaining the future of this delicious seafood for generations to come.The Big Prawn Company Scallops are cultivated in Nazca Bay on the Pacific coast at the foot of the Andes. This volcanic location has been an aquaculture for over 1000 years. Formed during the Jurassic period, it’s an ideal location for cultivation of scallops grown in lantern nets. As ever, we’re mindful of the environment, we ensure that our fisheries are ASC certified for sustainability.

Our Canadian scallops are 100% natural and wild-caught. We sustainably harvest them, with MSC certification and lock in their freshness and natural moisture within an hour of catching.

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