At the Big Prawn Company, we source our mussels in Chile for hung-rope cultivation and in Denmark for dredged mussels.

In the Chilean Island of Chiloe in the South Pacific, we cultivate our blue mussels on hanging ropes in storm-sheltered bays. Chile is one of the largest producers of cultivated blue mussels. The Humboldt Current from Antarctica feeds the bay with plentiful source of nutrients and food, creating the most delicious mussels. The cultivation process relies on natural spafall, which is the settling, and attachment of young bivalves to cultivating ropes. Mussel farming in Chile has significantly improved the country’s economy and has generated more than 12,000 jobs in the area, improving better community life with better seafood.

Our wild caught Mussels are tow dredged in the North of Denmark. These delicious and high quality mussels from Danish waters are sourced from one of the largest mussel producers in Europe and the first mussel fishery to receive MSC certification. These organic mussels from Limfjord are deliciously plump and juicy, and are cleaned on-site perfect for The Big Prawn Company.

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