Prawn and Crayfish Pate Recipe

This prawn and crayfish pate is the perfect starter, nibble, or even just lunch. It’s the ideal recipe to make for Easter Sunday – it’s easy and delicious. Think of the pate more of a chunky dip than a smooth pate, as its crammed full of tasty shellfish.

Serves 6
8 minutes
Difficulty: Easy


300g king prawns
150g crayfish tails
200g cream cheese
50g creme fraiche
1 tbsp horseradish
Juice of 1 lemon
Salt & Pepper


  • Chop up the prawns and crayfish tails to chunky bite-sized pieces
  • Add the cream cheese, creme fraiche into the shellfish and carefully fold
  • Add the lemon juice, horseradish, and season to taste
  • Enjoy with melba toast, crackers, or toasted bread.
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