Perfect Pairings: Pasta & Seafood

Pasta is one of the most flexible and versatile ingredients out there. You can make it with a smooth tomato sauce, with vegetables or meat, on its own with just a little oil, pepper and garlic, and no surprise, we love ours with delicious seafood. Do you know what kind of pasta should you use for your seafood recipes? We’re here to help with this easy guide to help you step up your seafood pasta game!


Probably the most iconic pasta there is, spaghetti’s origins can be traced to sunny Sicily, the southernmost Italian region, almost a thousand years ago. Spaghetti and clams are considered a true delicacy, while the mussels version is the most common (but not any less delicious, in our opinion!). If you’re feeling like really treating yourself to a gourmet dinner, then spaghetti lobster is really what you’re after.


Linguine is a long pasta similar to spaghetti, but flatter and thicker. It was first made in Genoa, the Italian city that also gave Pesto to world. When it comes to seafood, Linguine is definitely one of the best long pastas out there. The most common way to make seafood linguine is with a mixture of various shellfish including squid, mussels and prawns that people in Italy call ‘Frutti di mare’ – fruit from the sea. If you want to try something a little more unusual, but equally delicious, try making linguine with diced swordfish and fresh plum tomatoes!


When it comes to short pasta, rigatoni is one of the best suited to make seafood shine. Because of their particular shape, delicious sauce and seafood gets stuck inside, making every bite a real explosion of flavour. When making rigatoni, always try to make a thicker sauce, usually tomato based, to go with your seafood. Any shellfish will be great, but it’s not unusual to have rigatoni with a Tuna ragu, which is a tomato sauce with delicious chunks of tuna in it. Truly a must try!


Ravioli is a special kind of pasta, made of a filling enveloped in thin pasta dough. You can choose the filling of your choice: vegetables, mushrooms, meat, cheese, seafood and any combination of these ingredients. One of the most delicious seafood ravioli are filled with smoked salmon, prawns and a delicate white cheese, and served with a little olive oil and pepper. Although more unusual, you can also have regular ravioli with the filling of your choice, and serve them with a tasty fish broth as a warming and delicious soup.

Did any of these seafood pasta ideas tickle your appetite? Let us know which ones are your favourites.


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