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Pairing Your Surf and Turf

The surf and turf is a classic dish. Although deemed ‘retro’, it is simply delicious. Discover more ways to create the perfect meat and seafood combo.

Steak and Lobster

Steak and Lobster is the epitome of surf and turf and quite often what many people think of. This combination is luxury at its finest with a rich lobster tail topped over filet mignon. It is an extravagant dish but the flavour profiles work together to make it all worth it.

Scallops and Bacon

Many food lovers may say that bacon goes with nearly everything. It’s hard to deny it, but pairing it with scallops is a match made in heaven. The textural pairing is a delight for the taste buds. The crisp and salty bacon is great flavouring to seasoning for delicate and soft scallops. Try our bacon wrapped scallops here.

bacon wrapped scallops

Pork and Clams

You might not have guessed this combination yet it is a classic Portuguese delicacy. This unusual pairing is often cooked as a stew with lots of rich Mediterranean flavours. There traditional Portuguese dish, called cataplana, which is a powerful aromatic bite that you’ll never forget. It might even inspire to cook your own braised pork and clam dish.

Chicken and Prawn

Although chicken and prawns don’t necessarily seem like a surf and turf combination, it does take the fruits of the land of sea and combines in a tasty dish. You’ll find chicken and prawns cooked together in multiple cuisines including Chinese Fried Rice and Spanish Paella.

Beef and Oyster

Beef and oysters certainly sound extravagant yet this combination has humble beginnings. This pairing primarily manifests as a beef and oyster pie. The traditional British dish is hearty and comforting from the beef and gravy yet the oysters truly give a taste of the sea. Oysters were originally used as fillers when this dish was first created as they were so cheap!


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