Pairing Tea with Seafood

It’s typical to spend time pairing wine and food together by carefully looking at flavour profiles, but what about other drinks? Tea can be an extremely powerful flavour so when it comes to seafood pairing, time should be spent to make a good match.

Just like wine, when it comes to matching tea and seafood, a lighter and delicate flavour is required. The right tea can enhance the flavour of your dish or overwhelm it if you get it wrong…

White Tea

White tea is the most delicate options in the variety of tea so should be paired with delicate seafood. Our summer seafood terrine is a delicious medley of your favourite seafood but could be easily overpowered, which is why it’ll work best with white tea. 

seafood terrine

Green Teas 

Green teas, whilst being subtle, are incredibly robust and typically go well with rice. Green teas with grassy notes can work particularly well with seafood. To match the grassy flavours of the teas, we’d suggest fresh and herby flavours such as our Thai Style Cod and Mussels. 

thai cod and mussels

Black Teas

Black teas have more pronounced tannins so are able to handle strong flavours. Black teas can be categorised by being fruity, smoky, and earthy. The best types of black teas that work with seafood are the smoky ones, especially anything that’s been on the barbecue. Our Masala Blackened Squid is the perfect summer choice to enjoy with a black tea. 

squid skewers

Oolong Teas

The flavour profile of Oolong tea is quite complex, which offers lots of options. The tea character can cut through salty tastes particularly well so its ideal for rich seafood such as lobster. If you’re looking for a ‘brunch’ feel, pair the oolong tea with our Lobster Eggs Benedict. 

lobster eggs benedict

Tea might not always be your go-to drink with dinner, but it can truly enhance the flavour of what you’re eating. 


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