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Pairing Red Wine and Seafood

The thought of red wine and seafood together might send you in a frenzy, but we’re here to assure you that its actually a great combination! Red wine and seafood might not be your typical match, but if you do it right, it can taste delicious!

Light seafood dishes can work amazingly with lighter reds such as a Grenache or a light Pinot Noir, whereas heavier and meatier seafood dishes can hold up well against bolder red wines.

An important aspect of pairing your fish with the wine is about the texture of the fish. If you match the texture of the seafood with the body of the wine, you’re guaranteed a good pairing.

If you’re treating fish like meat, such as tuna or cod with a red wine sauce, you can pair wines with it just like meat. Therefore, red wine is actually a better match than white wine. If you’re going for some surf and turf ideas, you should also consider choosing a red wine. However, not all red wine will work with seafood – stay away from wines with strong tannins and choose light reds.

If you take a fish such as salmon with very silky texture if its been poached, a lighter wine works best; however, if you’ve roasted the fish, the texture is heartier a red wine such as a Beaujolais would be ideal.

When you’re thinking about the dish as a whole, consider the sides and how the seafood has been cooked. If you’ve grilled fish, you can pair wines based on the smoky flavours so choose very light oaky red wines with a hint of vanilla. If you want a more mature wine, try adding some earthy notes to your dish such as mushrooms and root veg in order to compliment the flavour.

As a general rule of thumb, here are some top tips. Acidity and tannins clash, so keep that in mind when choosing your wine. Choose a wine that is medium or light bodied. Remember, its not just about the seafood – think about the flavour of the whole dish. A safe bet would be a Beaujolais or Pinot Noir.


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