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Sourcing our Norwegian Coldwater Prawns

 At Big Prawn, we are very focused on providing a quality sustainable product, including understanding the full sourcing and traceability. Our Norwegian double frozen prawns are sourced from 2 different fisheries. We regularly audit these fisheries to ensure they’re producing high quality products as well as adhering to our sustainability promise.

Double frozen prawns are caught in the deep sea by large trawlers that freeze the product on board and return to the processing plants for defrosting, cooking, peeling, re-freezing, and then packing. This ensures a delicious product that’s easy to eat.

One of our suppliers is one of the world’s leading producing of coldwater prawns. Founded in 1968, its located in the small yet stunning village of Kårvikhamn in Tromso. They buy all raw material from the national auction in Norway. They are only sourced from Norwegian boats and 99% of its supply is MSC certified. The remaining 1% of supply is fished in MSC certified water; however, the boats are awaiting their certification. At Big Prawn, we only source the officially MSC certified supply.

At Big Prawn, we also source from another supplier within Norway. These coldwater prawns are caught in the clean deep water of Norway and have an exceptional quality and purity. This fishery delivers 100% Norwegian coldwater prawns, IQF, cooked and peeled, with MSC, FOS, and KRAV approval.


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