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New Products at Big Prawn

We are delighted to announce we have two new products now available to buy in our Big & Juicy Range!

Our Big & Juicy Raw Canadian Lobster halves are the perfect choice for a fuss-free fancy dinner. Caught off the coast of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, the lobster is processed using high pressure in order to lock in their sweetness. This lobster is fully sustainable and pre-prepared so you can cook straight from frozen.


Our Big & Juicy Argentinian Red Prawns are a deep-water coldwater prawn from the South-Western Atlantic. These raw prawns are partially prepared to make enjoying them even easier for you. The fishing vessels used for these prawns are participants of the Argentine Red Prawn inshore and offshore Fishery Improvement Project. Click here [2] to read more about our sustainability research into Argentinian Red Prawns. The taste is sweet, buttery, and more delicate than other coldwater prawns and is often likened to lobster!


Both of these products come with a steam bag to lock in the beautiful flavour. Simply put the prawns or lobster in the steam bag and cook from frozen in just 25 minutes!