Mussels with Salsa Picante Recipe

This mussel recipe is the taste of summer and ready in just 2 steps! The fresh salsa picante is fresh and full of flavour – perfect for a sunny day with a side of chips.

Serves 4
10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy


300g half shell mussels
40g red onion, diced
20g spring onion, chopped
70g tomato, chopped
55g olive oil
14g white sugar
60g lime juice
10g green chilli
Zest of 1 lime
30g tomato pureé
4g minced garlic
5g chopped coriander
20ml water


  1. Mix together the onion, spring onion, tomato, olive oil, sugar, lime juice, chilli, lime zest, tomato puree, garlic, chopped coriander, and water
  2. Add the mussels and mix well
  3. Serve chilled with hot crunchy chips!


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