Meet George the Orangutan

In our support of BOSF in collaboration with The Happy Prawn Company and our Big & Happy Borneo Black Tiger Prawns, we are proud to announce the we have adopted George the orangutan!

About George

George is a 5 year old male baby orangutan and currently a student of level 1 forest school. George was handed over to the sanctuary from Bontang Conservation Agency on May 19, 2015. He was about 6.5 months old at the time and was rescued when a villager found him crying without his mother in Sanggata village.

George became a cute chubby baby orangutan whilst at the sanctuary and never bothered his babysitter, however George will be upset if he doesn’t get the first turn to drink the milk  – he is known to cry loudly and would take his friend milk bottle.

George is known as a smart baby orangutan and loves to go to school. He is also very independent and does not want to be carried by his babysitter. When it comes to school time, George is very enthusiastic to go and doesn’t need calling from his babysitter.

He has developed the ability to climb well, build nests and explore. In fact, he does not really like being approached by  his babysitter and this emphasises his independent nature.

George is expected to soon be able to move from one tree to the next, once he reaches the forest school without any assistance from his babysitter. When he comes back home from school, he is always aware of his playing hours. He never tries to stay any longer or bothers his babysitter, especially as he knows that a bottle of milk is waiting for him when he comes home.

We will be getting regular updates from George and all those who support him at the BOSF. For more information about the work by the BOSF, click here.


If you would like to adopt your own orangutan like we did, please visit the BOSF website .


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