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Learning About Argentinian Red Shrimp

Argentinian Red Shrimp are a truly unique type of shellfish, with a silk smooth texture like lobster. This unique prawn also has a rather distinctive fishery process.

The Argentinean Red shrimp is caught in the icy South Atlantic waters off the coast of Argentina, and as the name suggest they are red as opposed to being blue/grey as most species of prawns. They are also larger compared to the coldwater prawns from the North Atlantic, and are more similar in size to the warmwater species from South East Asia. The Argentinean Red Shrimp is also a great species when it comes to sustainability: they have a relatively short reproduction cycle – fully reproducing in 12 to 16 month, making it easier for fisheries to harvest them sustainably.

What do they taste like? 

They have a much sweeter flavour than many of the farmed species and the flavour and texture of the meat has been compared to lobster for its quality. They also are a very healthy food, low in calories and fat. They contain important omega-3 fatty acids and high levels of Vitamin B12, Zinc, iodine, phosphorous, potassium, selenium and iron – a great food to help you lead a healthier life.

How to cook with Red Shrimp? 

When it comes to cooking with it, the Argentinean Red Shrimp feels very similar to large King Prawns or Tiger Prawns. Its meaty texture makes it a great meat substitute in any recipe. You can serve them as starters in many different ways: as beautiful canapés, in a crunchy salad, even fried, and they pair greatly with a variety of delicious sauces. You can also use them as the main ingredient in tasty pasta or in warming stews. Or you can just char them on the grill and enjoy their beautiful lobster like flavour!

How do Big Prawn ensure sustainable Argentinian Red Shrimp?

The ones we source come from the fishing vessels of Argentinean fisheries involved in the the Argentine Red Prawn inshore and offshore Fishery Improvement Project of which you can learn more about here.

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