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King Prawn Chilli Wrap Recipe

Treat yourself to a tasty lunch with our King Prawn wraps. The hint of sweet chilli is perfectly balanced so you can have the perfect lunch in just 5 minutes! 

Serves 2
4 mins
Difficulty: Easy


4 flour tortillas.
50g rocket leaves.
1 x 180g Big Prawn King Prawn Cocktail with Sweet Chilli Mayonnaise
2 spring onions, shredded
1⁄4 cucumber, cut into ribbons using a potato peeler.
Handful of mint leaves


  1. Warm the flour tortillas in a dry frying pan.
  2. Lay out the rocket over the tortillas.
  3. Spoon over the King Prawn Cocktail with Sweet Chilli Mayo and scatter with the remaining ingredients.
  4. Roll them up and serve immediately.

Big Prawn Products

Big & Tasty King Prawns with Sweet Chilli Mayo
A modern twist on a classic prawn cocktail, our King prawns are covered in a mildly spiced mayonnaise. Ready to eat, it’s the perfect combination of shellfish and chilli.


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