invention test tiger prawns

Invention Test: Madagascan Tiger Prawns

At the Young Seafood Chef of the Year, the young student chefs were tasked with a surprise invention test using Big Prawn’s Madagascan Tiger Prawns. 

The night before the competition, the students were told that the invention test special ingredient was Madagascan Tiger Prawns. These delicious prawns are large and juicy and the perfect opportunity for chefs to get creative with flavours. Prior to this, there was a full demonstration of the prawns and how to handle them with some background information about their sourcing.

We were extremely happy with the feedback from the young chefs regarding our prawns with many remarks stating that they have never had the opportunity to cook with such large prawns.

There were some delicious dishes created and we commend all of the chefs using our prawns! A special mention must go to the winners of the ‘invention test’ dish, West College Scotland, with their Tiger Prawns cooked 3 ways. View the dishes created in the competition below.

Seafood 4
seafood 6
Seafood 3
seafood 2
seafood 18-14
Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 12.32.05
seafood 5
seafood 1
Seafood 10
Seafood 9
seafood 8
Seafood 7



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