Big & Happy Borneo Tiger Prawns

The Big Prawn Company is excited to announce our brand new limited edition product: Big & Happy Borneo Tiger Prawns!

The Big Prawn Company, working together with The Happy Prawn Co, are launching a brand new product. These sustainably sourced Borneo Tiger Prawns are incredibly delicious and expertly farmed by The Happy Prawn Co. Find out more about the sustainable journey of these prawns here.

Importantly, we have partnered with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. This incredible foundation works tirelessly in Borneo to help protect the orangutans, other endangered species in the area, and also their environment and ecosystem. Discover how here.

With every pack of our Big & Happy Prawns sold, we will be donating 10p to the BOSF to help save the orangutans. We have also adopted a rather special orangutan, named George.

Get involved with our Big & Happy Campaign by showing us your Big & Happy smiles with our new product! We will be in Morrisons nationwide for just 1 week, so send us your pictures to feature on our Social Media and Website! Help save the orangutans with The Big Prawn Company, one pack at a time! Tag us in your pictures as well as #BigAndHappy to feature.

We also have some special recipes for your Big & Happy prawns including an Indonesian Prawn Curry and Hot & Spicy Prawn Noodle Soup.

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